THG Montaigne collection

For her first tap fittings and bathroom accessories collection, Stéphanie Coutas has joined forces with THG Paris.

The idea for the Montaigne collection was sparked by the concept of transformation: using brass and a slab of marble as raw materials to be turned into contemporary design pieces and decorative items. Available for sinks, showers and bath tubs complete with a range of matching accessories, the Montaigne collection is an ode to French marble: Grand Antique, Leonardo Grey and White Venus marble, with or without handles...  The collection is available in five versions and 26 different finishes.

To showcase this new collection, Stéphanie Coutas came up with a Parisian bathroom concept that straddles the dividing line between living space and boudoir. The bathroom features several of the designer's signature pieces, such as the “Paris” Baccarat chandelier, the “Elipse” wall light and the Taï Ping bathroom and yacht rug.

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