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Mineral art and magical stones

In a spirit of pure creation, Stéphanie Coutas presents a series of magical, mineral creations hitherto unseen. The Magical Rock furniture series comprises coffee tables and consoles with an exclusive design featuring a stone and glass insert. Taking the designer ethos even further, the practice has created mysterious grottos from scratch in several private Parisian homes.


“Magical Rocks” collection

During a trip to the island of Murano in Italy, Stéphanie Coutas visited a glassmaking workshop. Several bags of coloured glass scraps were spread out on the floor creating an enchanting and colourful pictorial composition. Upon her return to Paris, Stéphanie drew on this memory to create a furniture series: “Magical Rocks”.

Back-lit, multi-hued coffee tables and consoles tables display Murano “stones”, gems of Venetian glass encased in leather, chrome, and Macassar ebony. Purple, emerald green, Egyptian blue… Each piece offers infinite variations of light filled with shimmering, colourful depth.


The Grottos

Inspired by modern art, at a crossroads between different crafts, Stéphanie Coutas’s grottos are poetic compositions that combine architecture, material and object.

Mysteriously emerging from a wall, the grottos create a visual game in the corridors in which they are set. While they are invisible to visitors taking the corridor in one direction, from the opposite direction they reveal a hidden treasure: a unique combination of precious and semi-precious stones… These spectacular decorative installations recall the geode of an amethyst.

Entirely incorporated into the wall thanks to an ingenious moulding system, the grottos contain around a hundred stones, meticulously selected and assembled for the particular piece, thus transforming a simple corridor into an art gallery.


A collection of captivating artisan-crafted creations

From initial sketch to final design, every stage is carried forward by a team of individuals who are passionate about what they do and who strive to create decorative settings and pieces that are ever more breathtaking. Stéphanie Coutas also works in close collaboration with renowned marble specialists such as the Marbreries de la Seine to create luxurious designer flooring and bathrooms.