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“Marble and refinement” – the bathroom fit for a parisian by Stéphanie Coutas

Stéphanie Coutas, with her usual cheerfulness and communicative smile, agreed to answer some of our questions.



THG : What does the bathroom mean to you?
S.C. : The bathroom is my favourite living space in the house, the place where I like to relax after a long day of work I enjoy refined bathrooms that combine materials such as marble, glass, brass and bronze.

I like to think of this space as a living area, where one may find—if space allows—an exquisite chandelier, fine wall lights, a seat or a central island. Lighting is essential, as it must be functional and also provide a relaxing atmosphere.


THG : What is the Stéphanie Coutas signature for an elegant bathroom?
S.C. : My signature is probably the profusion of details, steles to enhance beautiful objects and alcoves to stage props like in a luxury spa; but mostly, the presence of exceptional marble slabs.


THG : Shower or bath?


THG : What is your latest design and decoration wish?
S.C. : Lately, I have been wanting to give my universe a “bohemian chic touch”, with very raw, natural materials and tones for a sophisticated feel. The marbles will be brushed and manipulated differently. Nature will fit perfectly into this new universe.


Gathered by the love of beautiful materials, THG Paris and Stéphanie Coutas wanted to create an exceptional collection around the “grand antique”, French marble.
The Montaigne collection unveiled during Paris Design Week is presented at the Delépine – Paris showroom until November 30th. An entire piece presents the universe of this collection staged in a unique space called “the bathroom of a parisian”.

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