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Looking back over 2018: Architecture, design and décor

2018 was a whirlwind of collaborations and awards for Stéphanie Coutas and her agency. From the opening of Hôtel Dress Code to the Montaigne THG collection launch, we look back over a year in which the SC Edition agency demonstrated the full scope of its expertise.


Meticulous custom-made design for French hotels

Dress Code Hotel Paris

The designer developed the layout and décor for the Dress Code Hotel, a 4-star hotel set in the heart of Paris’s Haussmann district. In a nod to her previous career as a stylist, Stéphanie Coutas injected her trademark sense of luxury into the lobby, the spa and the 33 rooms inspired by the world’s greatest fashion designers. The hotel opened during Paris Fashion Week, and is the first Parisian establishment to be awarded the French State’s ‘Qualité Tourisme’ label.


Collaborating with leading names in the applied arts

The Bilou Bilou Chair by Stéphanie Coutas

Stéphanie Coutas designs her own pieces of furniture and decorative objects. Constantly seeking innovation, she enjoys working with the biggest names in design. These collaborations have given rise to some unique creations.

The Bilou-Bilou Promemoria chair. Stéphanie Coutas was one of several famous designers chosen by the Italian company to design her very own version of their iconic chair: an ethereal, delicate and feminine white bouclé Bilou-Bilou haloed with shagreen.

For her first tap fittings and bathroom collection, Stéphanie Coutas joined forces with THG Paris. Together, they came up with the Montaigne collection inspired by French marble. The collection was launched at the height of Paris Design Week 2018, spectacularly showcased in a display room entitled ‘a Parisian bathroom’ at the Delépine showroom.


Unique private homes around the world

For each and every private home turnkey project, the agency  creates refined homes that reflect both their owners and surroundings.

In 2018, Stéphanie Coutas worked in some of the world’s most glittering capitals, designing stunning interiors in prestigious locations, such as the Montaigne, Etoile and Raymond Poincaré projects in Paris and this South Kensington townhouse in London. (links to projects on the website).

The Beach House collection is infused with an upmarket boho feel, and has been added to with a villa overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and two residences with views over the Aegean Sea.


SC Edition – renowned expertise

Andrew Martin Interior Designe Aa-ward- Stephanie Coutas

The agency is critically acclaimed on a regular basis. This year, Stéphanie Coutas was chosen to feature in the prestigious Andrew Martin Interior Design Review 2018. Known as ‘the Bible of interior design’, the review lists the 100 best designers in the world based on the year’s most applauded, innovative and incredible designs.

“This success is a collective achievement brought about by our tireless quest for renewal, the way in which we draw on decorative arts to bring out the beauty inherent in raw materials and the decision to work with the very best partners and artisans.”

Being included in this list illustrates the excellence that Stéphanie Coutas aspires to in each and every one of her designs.