Trocadero – Paris

Trocadéro – Paris

220 m2 (722 square feet) with a view of the Eiffel tower

In this gorgeous pied à terre belonging to two globetrotting art collectors, interior designer Stéphanie Coutas plays with the signature haussmanian style to create a chic yet cosy family home.

Each room is uniquely styled, mixing contemporary art with luxury materials. The kitchen blends imperceptibly into the open-plan living room, with a suspended central island. The Versailles parquet flooring contrasts beautifully with the white marble entrance and extra-large mirror. The master bedroom boasts a 15 m long staff curtain pelmet allowing for the doors to be hidden. Dark grey flocked velvet wallpaper adorns wall panels which have been hand-moulded and assembled. Silk carpet, custom-made pedestal table in galuchat cowhide and sea green curtains in a variety of velvety tones and textures.

The selection of luxury materials is further complemented by the green Antigua marble found in the bathroom. And last but not least, Stéphanie Coutas makes a final daring statement with the dressing room combining precious wood, brass and mirrors.