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Opening of the Stéphanie Coutas Gallery – Paris Design Week

  Stéphanie Coutas is one of 24 decorators selected by AD magazine for her career dedicated to Paris Design Week. From September 3 to 12, 2020, this unprecedented event invites you to discover the innovative furniture of 24 inspired interior […]
Le 2 September 2020

Inspired by nature

For her interiors, Stéphanie Coutas creates and selects living, raw materials that seem to resonate. Plants offers endless possibilities, bringing the outside well and truly inside to take centre stage. Discover some of her most beautiful designs inspired by nature. […]
Le 12 December 2019

David B: Stéphanie Coutas’ Partner in Trendsetting

To create unique interiors, Stéphanie Coutas has surrounded herself with a network of trusted partners. As a bathroom specialist, David Bitton has cultivated a passion for outstanding expertise and has supported SC Edition since its inception. We met up with […]
Le 10 July 2019

A new variant of the “Paris” Baccarat chandelier by Stéphanie Coutas

Interior architect and designer Stéphanie Coutas’ iconic Paris Baccarat chandelier is now available in a new 24-light version. Measuring 88.4cm high, this second variant has been redesigned to work with all interiors. Luxury, flair and technical prowess Stéphanie Coutas: “With the ‘Paris’ […]
Le 20 May 2019

J.D. Staron’s couture designs for Stéphanie Coutas

Stéphanie Coutas strives to find the very best partners to assist her with her projects. JD Staron embodies the intricate art of exceptional carpet weaving techniques, presented here for you to admire. Founded by Jakub Staron, this American company conquered the […]
Le 25 February 2019

Looking back over 2018: Architecture, design and décor

2018 was a whirlwind of collaborations and awards for Stéphanie Coutas and her agency. From the opening of Hôtel Dress Code to the Montaigne THG collection launch, we look back over a year in which the SC Edition agency demonstrated […]
Le 15 January 2019

London: Stéphanie Coutas’ little black book

The SC Edition agency has just unveiled one of its latest international projects in the heart of the British capital: a stunning townhouse bathed in natural light and brimming with charm. Stéphanie Coutas took this opportunity to let us in on […]
Le 20 November 2018

“Marble and refinement” – the bathroom fit for a parisian by Stéphanie Coutas

Stéphanie Coutas, with her usual cheerfulness and communicative smile, agreed to answer some of our questions.     THG : What does the bathroom mean to you? S.C. : The bathroom is my favourite living space in the house, the […]
Le 19 October 2018

Venice: Stephanie Coutas’s little black book

Luxury Venetian palazzos with a Byzantine accent, art galleries and dolce vita… Stéphanie Coutas treats us to a round-up of her favourite spots in the floating city. Where to stay: Aman Venice “This luxury hotel by the Grand Canal is […]
Le 28 September 2018

Stéphanie Coutas reinvents bath time for THG Paris

United in their love of fine materials and a desire to create exceptional designs, Stéphanie Coutas and THG Paris unveiled the result of their partnership on Monday 10 September. Montaigne is a new collection of bathroom fittings and accessories showcased […]
Le 9 September 2018

Seaside inspiration: a selection of decorative pieces by Stephanie Coutas

Adding a touch of refreshing coolness to a villa or recalling the natural world in a city pied-à-terre…Stéphanie Coutas meticulously examines every element of her designs, working with the very best artisans to create bespoke interior spaces. Discover a selection […]
Le 16 July 2018

Swimming pool and spa: luxury in service of well-being

A lush pool in the middle of the desert, a spa with spectacular decor hidden in the heart of Paris and more besides. Dive into the finest swimming pools from among SC Edition’s projects.
Le 20 June 2018

VIDEO : Dress Code Hotel Paris Project by Stephanie Coutas

For her fourth hotel project, Stéphanie Coutas combined her expertise as a stylist with her mastery of interior design.   In the heart of the Opéra and Haussmann districts, Paris’s shopping meccas, Stéphanie Coutas took on a new challenge: creating […]
Le 9 May 2018

Stéphanie Coutas designs a new backdrop for the Dress Code Hotel, Paris

What would be the pitch for the renovation of the Dress Code Hotel? The Dress Code’s building was once home to the former women’s “prêt-à-porter” federation. It was an office building lacking in particularly strong aesthetics, but with a very […]
Le 17 April 2018

Event: Stéphanie Coutas reviews Promemoria’s Bilou Bilou

In the frenetic atmosphere of Paris Fashion Week, Stéphanie Coutas invites us to Faubourg Saint-Germain for a very special evening event. Tonight Romeo Sozzi, President and designer of Italian luxury furniture makers Promemoria, will unveil the reinterpretation of the emblematic Bilou Bilou […]
Le 22 January 2018

Hotel Dress Code & Spa – Episode 1: a high-fashion site

The first episode of a series dedicated to the interior design of the Hotel Dress Code & Spa. At the heart of the Opéra and Haussman districts, Paris shopping Meccas, Stéphanie Coutas has accepted a new challenge: the interior design […]
Le 10 January 2018

Passion and inspiration – interview with Mathilde, interior architect at SC Edition

Within her agency, Stéphanie Coutas surrounds herself with the best professionals and integrates into her team the young talents she spots in the Parisian universities. Today we draw the portrait of Mathilde, an inspired interior designer. Mathilde, as an interior […]
Le 11 December 2017

7 questions for Aymeric, an interior designer for SC Edition

At her practice, Stéphanie Coutas surrounds herself with a team of highly skilled professionals who specialise in luxury. From the interior design of the most beautiful homes to creating unique furniture, Aymeric describes the original nature of his profession and […]
Le 11 December 2017

Mineral art and magical stones

In a spirit of pure creation, Stéphanie Coutas presents a series of magical, mineral creations hitherto unseen. The Magical Rock furniture series comprises coffee tables and consoles with an exclusive design featuring a stone and glass insert. Taking the designer ethos […]
Le 29 November 2017