Complete solution

Artistic creation, feasibility studies, design, bespoke pieces, research into high quality materials, monitoring of the site and the making process, turnkey delivery: every stage of a project is managed by the practice’s multi-skilled international team, under the direction of interior designer and decorator, Stéphanie Coutas.

This desire to manage each phase of a project ensures its faultless completion. Every project is unique, yet they share a common feature: the exemplary quality of the finishes chosen.


The refined, elegant settings created by Stéphanie Coutas aim to optimise the potential of every space.

She pays particular attention to the natural balance of shapes and dimensions, the fluidity of movement and the softness of the lighting.

Art & Decoration

The designer's monochrome colour palettes and simple, pared-down style celebrate the bold contrasts she makes between look and feel (matt/glossy, textured/smooth) and the materials she favours (platinum, chrome, gilded brass, rare marbles, precious woods, mother-of-pearl, velvet and glass).

She then uses an iconoclastic work of art or piece of furniture to disrupt this elegant harmony.